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The Solutions

iSeeAutomation experts develop, manufacture, install and service high efficiency vision guided robotic automation solutions. Our systems are used to ensure consistent product quality in many manufacturing processes. Our range of standard vision systems for multiple applications enables us to solve most vision tasks without any additional development effort. For customers this means that we deliver systems with consistent and reliable performance – with comprehensive functionality included – well documented – thoroughly tested – at reasonable prices. Vision that works.

Professional Staff

iSeeAutomation has a strong team of vision engineers, technicians, sales and administrative staff with both extensive know-how and experience in designing vision solutions. We are located in Michigan, USA where we design and develop applications, software, hardware and perform final assembly and test of our vision systems.


iSeeAutomation has the expertise and experience to provide vision systems and solutions for the demanding, high speed, high accuracy, real world applications of the manufacturing industry. If you are looking for a professional vision solution that meets your expectations from start to finish! Contact us for more information

Delivering Innovative Solutions

We don’t just ask for our clients’ trust, we build it every day by delivering innovative solutions and ongoing, outstanding service. Here is a sampling of our clients. TOYOTA, HONDA, BMW, FORD, CHRYSLER, TESLA, LEVEL ONE & VALIANT

Vision that Works!

Our company creates solutions with our vision systems. Quite simply, we focus on the solution – the vision system is our tool. We strive to find the right solution – well working, robust, user friendly and with minimum maintenance.


iSeeAutomation is currently seeking 20 highly motivated & qualified candidates to join our team of Robotic Engineers.

Summary   Under the direction of the Robot Engineering Manager, the Robot Engineer evaluates customer requirements and writes efficient and logical programs and codes for a variety of applications using ABB, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Motoman, Nachi, and Kuka robots. Responsibilities include programming robot paths, setup program structure, implement offline programming and configure robot I/O. Qualified candidates should e-mail their resume and cover letter to: | View full details for job Applicants

About Us

We are a visionary company implementing 22nd century vision guided automation technology for today’s modern world. Founded in 2012, the company is utilizing today’s innovations that will change your tomorrow!

iSeeAutomation and its services

Are designed purposely to address the growing trend of a lucrative market of corporate clientele that come from the high and mid-end of the economical spectrum of North American industry with special appetites for high technologies that have the capacities of enhancing the current manufacturing processes and industries. The company’s guided automation system also provides dramatic improvements in administer business and workflow processes, remote infrastructure and back-office work, accuracy and cycle time and increase productivity in transaction processing while it elevates the nature of work by removing people from dull, repetitive tasks.

iSeeAutomation operates throughout North America with a vision of developing and providing complete revolutionary vision systems that comprise of cameras and microprocessors or computers, with associated software for robot guided automations systems. iSeeAutomation was fundamentally established with the mission that the company’s vision systems can be implemented virtually in any industry and will eventually revolutionize the world’s innovations by implementing 22nd century vision guided automation technology, utilizing yesterday and today’s innovations for economical benefits of modern world. iSeeAutomation has been involved since its inception with major industries, developing, manufacturing and installing high efficient vision guided robotic automation solutions that are used to ensure consistent product quality in many manufacturing processes.

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We are ready for any challenges, We make your business better. Feel free to contact us anytime to boost your business and achieve new milestones

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